Single Gentlemen


Single gentlemen are welcome to visit the club on FRIDAYS, but please note the requirements set out below.
If you have never visited the club before then prior to your first visit please telephone the club on any evening between 6.30pm and 10.00pm except SUNDAYS so that we may conduct a short informal telephone interview with you. You should telephone at least two days prior to the event you are considering attending. You will also need to complete the membership formalities in the reception foyer as previously set out in the membership section.


Entrance Costs

Entrance costs are in addition to the membership cost and can be seen in the Events Calendar and Special Events Page



All memberships run annually from 1st July to 30th June the following year.



For current or past members who are on our membership data base the membership renewal fee for a membership valid until 30th June is £30.



On your first visit to the club you will need to pay the events entrance cost plus the standard one off administration fee of £20. On your second visit to the club you will need to pay the events entrance cost, and the current membership fee of £30 for a membership valid until 30th June.


We do not issue membership cards neither do we send post to the address we have for you, we do not copy the information you provide, all the information held on a secure data base with limited access.