COVID Pandemic

Any person wishing to visit Liberty Elite from 30th July until further notice will need to PROVIDE FULLY DOCUMENTED PROOF that they have received two doses of the Covid 19 vaccine.
There will be no exceptions to this and door staff decisions on the matter will be final!
Additionally, your temperature will be checked at reception, and you will be expected to sanitise your hands at the station in the reception foyer. There will also be hand sanitising stations for your use throughout the premises.

Management Comment

We had hoped that 19th July would be the day when we could return to NORMAL; but that is not the case. We along with all other Swingers and Fetish clubs are by the very nature of what we do, the closest of close contact venues. Whilst it is true that the impending legislation stated by The Prime Minister requires parliamentary consent; thus due to time constraints will not be enacted prior to 1st September, the same effect can (under primary legislation enacted last February) be enforced by any number of “Officials” including Police Officers and Local H&S Officers prior to that date, and we do not wish to risk being closed down now that we are properly open.
We at Libertys will try to provide THE SAFEST of venues where hopefully you can get back to ENJOYING LIFE TO THE FULL.


The Prime Minister very specifically stated that “ A recent negative test result is no longer acceptable” thus we can only accept vaccine inoculation status.
To obtain your status
You can register with the NHS on their app, not the Test and Trace app but go on to NHS and follow the links to register and you can get confirmation from that, but this will give you access to all your NHS records, which may not be suitable at present.
You can go on to the NHS website, enter:- covid pass in the search box then follow the links to get a Covd pass letter sent to you.
There is a difference between a covid passport and a covid pass letter. A covid passport expires after 30 days but is renewable, a covid pass letter just says that you have had two doses of the appropriate vaccine (or one dose if the Jansen vaccine was used). So it would appear that the letter is more beneficial overall.
As a last resort you can phone 119 and get a letter sent to you, but allow At Least 5 working days before needing it.