Dress Code

In order to maintain our position as the PREMIER venue in the UK we need to ask that you meet the minimum standards outlined below.


We recognise that most people now regard CLEAN SMART JEANS as acceptable wear for non formal occasions, therefore we feel able to accept jeans, BUT not dirty, torn, cut or work type blue denim and they should be worn with SHOES and a SMART COLLARED SHIRT.
Trainers and T-shirts are just not acceptable.
WHERE we require a particular standard of dress for a particular event please be forewarned this MUST be adhered to.
Prior to visiting the club please have a look at the event write up to ensure your attire is suitable for that event, and not just “a visit to the pub with your mates”.


We have never had to stipulate a dress code for ladies, however to be of assistance on your first visit to the club, wear something you feel comfortable wearing. Most ladies have that ubiquitous little black dress which may prove ideal. If you are still not sure do bring something else that you can put into your allocated locker to give you further choice of dress that you can change into if you wish. You can also bring something a little more provocative to wear to tease the gentlemen.


The first two or three hours at the club are spent in the clothes you arrive in, it is therefore important that you “DRESS TO IMPRESS” and show that you have made an effort.


Please see the guidelines in the Fetish section.