What sort of people join the club?
Whilst we are an exclusive members only club, we do have a wide range of people from all walks of life who are club members. In reality you will only know if the club is for you by visiting us and deciding for yourself.
What age range of people can we expect to meet when we visit the club?
The general age range is between 30 and 50. We do however have members who are younger and older than this.
Do I need to become a member?
In order to comply with current legislative guidelines we operate very strictly as a private members club. So you will need to be either a bona fide guest of an existing club member or apply for membership personally. Full details of how to do that are contained in our members section.
Will you write to me at home?
No. We like to keep in touch with our members through electronic mail and nothing is sent via the post. We do not issue membership cards as they can be mislaid all membership details are stored on a very secure server with limited access.
Do you accept payment by credit/debit card or cheques?
Yes. We accept VISA and Mastercard credit cards, and also debit cards but no longer accept payments by cheque. Regrettably we are unable to offer a cashback facility. We can accept card payment for entrance fees, membership fees and accommodation.
We are travelling a long way, do you have overnight accommodation?
Please see the accommodation section of our website for details.
Where can we park at the club?
We have a substantial tarmac surfaced and properly lined car park on site.
Do you allow cameras  or mobile phones in the club?
We do not allow cameras or any similar video recording equipment in the club area. You may wish to consider attending our club photoshoot nights, when a professional photographer is available.
It is acceptable to bring any valuables into the club including mobile phones rather than just leaving them in your car; HOWEVER phones must be switched off at reception and then immediately placed into your secure locker. If you need to keep in touch with e.g. babysitters then please confirm that with a member of staff and please use your phone ONLY in the club entrance foyer.
We consider the possession or use of a mobile phone in any other area of the club a very serious matter and a serious breach of acceptable etiquette.
Will we be expected to participate on our first visit?
Absolutely not. You are more than welcome to relax in our social areas with a drink from our bar and get to know the other club members. There is no pressure on you to do anything you do not want to. All of our members have their own participation levels and it is up to you to decide what yours are.
Are we expected to strip off once inside the club?
Absolutely not we have both social areas and play areas which are quite distinct.  In the social areas you usually wear the smart casual attire you arrived in.  If you decide to use the play areas it is usually the norm not to wear much in the way of clothing, perhaps using one of the bath towels in your locker or maybe something a little more evocative for the ladies.
Where can we change out of the clothes we arrive in?
We have changing rooms and secure lockers available for guests use.  Reception staff issue locker keys to you on arrival. We ask for a £20 deposit for the locker key, this will be refunded by handing the key back to the bar staff when you leave.
Do I need to bring my own towel?
No. There are freshly laundered bath sheets in each locker, also in the spa area we have a supply of towels for your use.
Do we need to use or bring condoms?
We advocate safe sex at all times and therefore you can either bring your own condoms or buy them from behind the bar.
Can we vape/smoke e-Cigs in the club?
No. please do not use e-Cigs in the club ONLY in the outside smoking area. We asked for legal guidance on this matter and this is the advice we have been given.
Can we chew gum?
No sorry, cleaning up the mess is an impossible task, it is costly and takes time, not to mention unpleasant. As an alternative we provide individually wrapped mints in a display dish on the bar.
Can I bring my own drinks or do you have a licensed bar?
As a hotel, we have a fully licensed bar that is well stocked with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  Therefore you do not need to and SHOULD NOT bring your own drinks into the club. Drinks can be purchased either by paying with cash or alternatively a bar tab can be arranged by using your locker key acquired on arrival at the club.
How do we go about meeting other couples?
Our social area is set out to enable people to meet and talk very easily.  You will Also find our club very welcoming and friendly and find you can readily start conversations with other club members.
How busy will it be?
Not a simple question to answer even for us. We always prepare a buffet for guests and even after 19 years we occasionally get the numbers we expect completely wrong.
Do we allow single gentlemen members?
Yes. Single gentlemen are welcome at the club on Friday evenings. Please see the relevant membership section for guidance.