As a private members club on your first visit you will need to complete a membership application form and confirm your identity with your drivers license. We are aware that producing I.D. can be intimidating if, for example, you are a TV/CD/TS/TG or dressed in fetish attire. So if you feel at all unsure please speak to reception staff before divulging any personal information and we will happily show you around the venue, explain our entry system and introduce you to other club members who we feel sure will allay any privacy fears you may have.
We do not send anything to your home and do not issue membership cards, membership information is held on a secure server with limited access and to further protect you privacy we do not allow the use of mobile phones in the club.
Membership cost including the administration fee is just £2.50 per person per annum and covers Fetish events only.
Prior to your first visit to our club, if you wish please download and complete our membership application form below; but only sign it at the club when a member of staff has checked your photo ID.
Download Application Form


Single gentleman are welcome providing you are on the scene and have a recognisable profile on a known specialist site such as ‘Fetlife’. Alternatively, if you have been to an open ‘Munch’, will be attending with a Mistress or are known by another club member who is attending the same event who can vouch for you.


All genders are welcome.